Beyond 2001: New Horizons

Over the Christmas holiday, I received a last minute collaboration opportunity  from Kaush Chorlie a final year illustration student at London College of Communication.

The brief was to compose an original soundscape or composition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s: 2001 a Space Odyssey. The artwork will be part of an exhibition and will be shared on the ground floor media block at London College of Communication (LCC). This is great because I will be able to get my work heard and seen inside the college and since this is a big event I will get my work heard from visitors outside the college.


2001: Space Odyssey Tribute


by Kaush

Capturing Space Odyssey as visual placks of semiotic symbolism. Using the most memorable scenes within the movie to create a visual mind map of the aesthetic Stanley Kubrick presents. With the story line jumping from one situation to another creating scenario’s that may be slightly discomforting by sound& noise, recreating the confliction within layout and presentation. Inspired by the movie’s symbolic gesture of a monolith blacking out a section of the illustration, recreating the allusion of importance and movement. (Kaush, 2018)

My collaborator Kaush produced a vivid illustration called Consumption Odyssey thats style is futuristic and psychedelic – I had the pleasure to make a composition for this piece in conjunction with the visual aesthetic she created.


This is the composition I created for Consumption Odyssey

These are the PDF files for the 2001 Tribute collaboration:

2001 Tribute Sound Design Brief

Exhibition Proposal 2001 tribute