Serious, reliable and hard-working Sound Artist & Sound Designer graduate seeking a placement with a post-production sound studio or art gallery. I am detail oriented and organized, a creative problem-solver with a willingness to learn. I have a positive disposition and am a team player. I am adaptable, computer literate with a drive to give 100% to accomplish any task.

Initially interested in becoming a visual artist, I have gravitated more towards music, sound recording/design and filmmaking in the last couple of years. To date, I have produced conceptual pieces featuring sound, experimented with field recording and composed soundtracks for both animated and live action moving images as part of my coursework. My skillset is varied and I am sure that my versatility could be of use to you.

Specialities: Music and film production, sound design, sound mixing and recording. Creative direction, DIY and painting.


Studio Intern – Gearbox Records

July 2016

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

• Introduced to the inner-workings of a record label specializing in the production and distribution of high quality vinyl records.

• Familiarization with the marketing, web-design and business development aspects of the industry.

• Gained some training in vinyl mastering and cutting of 12inch and 7inch vinyl records

• Used technical know-how to repair a lathe and a tape recorder, essential to the smooth running of the studio.

• Learned a great deal about the use of vintage recording equipment, the Haeco Scully lathe, the Decca all-valve mastering desk, Studer tape machines and Shure microphones, but worked on the Apogee Symphony D for digital to analogue conversions.


Sound Artist | Sound Designer |Electronic Musician

4 Years experience in London, United Kingdom

Self Employed

Composed conceptual pieces of visual and sound art, gained experience in field recording using a variety of recording techniques, produced soundtracks for short films, created a score for a film.

• Worked independently and collaboratively with confidence
• Required understanding, adaptability and technical skills for creative production
• Solved complex problems through the application of research and analysis
• Responsible for research, planning and time-management
• Effectively presented work to different audiences
• Developed a portfolio

ICU2 – Volunteer

Participated in a cataract eradication programme in Indore, South India. We reviewed 7,000 people in 3 days.
In Kumbharghar, a village in South India we built a foundation for a school and a small hut.
Mentored school children in after school football and track and field programmes
French teacher for a day at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School mentored kids from the slums of Mumbai.

StageHands – Crew Member

August 2013Employment Duration 1 monthLocation: Paris


Occasional work

Assisted in the set-up and construction of stages and stands for professional conventions, fairs and car shows as part of an international team

Loading and unloading of equipment

Following instructions in an efficient and timely manner