Mind’s Eye



Mind’s Eye: A collaborative audio-visual installation prototype created and curated in 2017.

The foundation of this piece was built upon the relationship between colour and sound, particularly in the vein of synaesthesia: A phenomenon that occurs within the human brain, which is where the stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to involuntary reactions & experiences in another. For instance: See a colour or an image, hear a sound.

We integrated the concept of chakras into the works. Each of the seven chakras are distinctly characterised by colours: Red, Orange, Yellow Green, Blue, Violet & White. We have put meticulous research into the details of each chakra, and realised that chakras can also be told apart by natural elements – including water & earth, human emotions – including anger & desire, and musical tones. We took this research and, in a collaborative effort, composed seven tracks that we unanimously felt worked best for each segment/colour.

Visuals by:
Adam Dove

Reece Alexander (Orange, Green, Yellow, Violet)
Lucas Boetsch (Intro, Yellow, White)
Adam Dove (Red, Green, Blue, Violet)
Jayson Tejada (Red, Blue)

Mixed & Mastered by:
Reece Alexander