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Crawl EP
(Alien Jams, 2020)

Nexcyia’s debut EP Crawl is a project spanning between the summers of 2018-2020 in LA, London, Paris and most recently his family home in Normandy.
The six compositions are a set of reflections, personal experiences and meditations on posthumanism Influenced by swings of loneliness, vulnerability, anxiety and – on a subconscious level – otherness.
Nexcyia attempts to challenge our collective vulnerabilities and sonify our resilience by confronting harsh sampling and soft synthesis. He strives to decipher what’s real and what isn’t, manipulating pitch, bending sounds, incorporating archived audio, digital orchestral cellos, as well as fragmented and fractured pads. His work explores belonging, alienation and amnesia while contemplating notions of existence, through the use of granular synthesis tools, post-human voices and field recordings.
Nexcyia’s lofi productions speak to those who have felt othered and were faced with haunting memories of the past but also aim to narrate a sonic foretelling of the future.
Crawl is a take on modern anxiety, it challenges the ontological questions of what limits us as humans.


Boomkat Product Review:
Gorgeous debut EP here from Nexciya that sounds like an old Fennesz record being sent across an empty universe over a dial-up connection. Lo-fi in the best possible way.

Recorded over the last couple of years in London, Paris and his family home in Normandy, “Crawl” is Nexciya’s attempt to map out “modern anxiety” in sound. So for something so hinged on the human condition, it’s unusually alien-sounding – comprised of cut-and-paste digital synth stabs, fuzzy harmonic monoliths and distant granular clouds of drone. It’s almost like a science fiction take on MBV-era shoegaze at times, and at others sounds more like “Marble Surf”-era James Ferraro, basking in its self-consciously lo-fi filth to enhance its unexpected beauty.

It’s a short set, but seriously we’re appreciating that it leaves us thirsting for more rather than take the usual contemporary route of spinning everything out into a seven album opus. As a debut, it establishes a clear voice for Nexciya, and we can’t wait to hear where he might go next. Fans of The Caretaker, Fennesz or William Basinski should take a closer look.


(Cafe OTO, 2021)

On new release ‘Origin’ he meditates on place, time and being, using thick brushstrokes of swelling synthesis to come to terms with the past and present. Loss and longing haunts each clouded drone, wandering melody and textural wash, creating dense layers that float around and encircle one another in a weightless space. Each track feels like a memory peered through a fogged window, watching as it slowly fades into the distance, or an orchestra heard playing a mile away, amplified over rivers and hills. Nexcyia takes us on a journey with no set co-ordinates, conjuring otherworldly music rooted somewhere that can’t be found.

Wire Magazine (2022 issue)

The London based producer and installation artist pieces together an exclusive mix of tracks by ambient affiliates, inspired by Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

Here, Dove shares a brand new mix featuring tracks by several of his musical acquaintances, and others. “This mix was inspired by a quote from the book Invisible Man (1952) by Ralph Ellison,” says Nexcyia over email, “I now can see the darkness of lightness. And I love light. Perhaps you’ll think it strange that an invisible man should need light, desire light, love light. But maybe it is exactly because I am invisible. Light confirms my reality, gives birth to my form.”
“I wanted to sonify the idea that the darkness of lightness can confirm presence,” he continues, “some of the tracks by Racine evoke these feelings, as well as, feelings of otherness and loneliness – I wanted to compile tracks that evoke meditative temple-like atmospheres.”

Racine “Trois Cent Trente-Trois Lettres Imparfaites”
Racine “Ibiza”
Racine “Grosso”
Xphresh “One Kiss”
Ben Bondy “Spring”
Ben Bondy “Dream Bleed”
TIBSLC “Hypertranslucent”
Mistareez “Skate 2”
mu tate “Human Occupied Spaces”
mu tate “Allowing To Exist”
Nexcyia “Apex (Extended)”
Keru Not Ever “Mon Dos Contre Ta Mezzanine (Après Monk Feldman)”

Read The Wire’s full interview with Nexcyia in The Wire 461. Nexcyia will perform as part of The Wire’s 40th anniversary celebrations at The Wire 40 × Below The Radar alongside Venus Ex Machina and Malvern Brume at London Spanners on 9 July. Advanced tickets available here.

Rebirth is Necessary
(Sound Installation, 4min50s, 2020)
Royal College of Art
Dyson Building

Inspired by our march towards a post-human reality, this sound installation seeks to rewrite the very definition of what it means to live in a world that we aim to control with technology.
As computer technology evolves and man-made trash overwhelms our world, the coiled cables formed suggest beauty and darkness. The installation emits ambient soundscapes woven with harsh sound design and field recordings, its discrete yet noisy,  layered with organic sounds creating an ethereal soundscape.

(Soundscape, 10min, 2020)
Royal College of Art

Inspired by the notion of afrofuturism, this soundscape explores the sonic dimensions of an alternate reality where people are brought onto a new planet.
It speaks to the extresterrestialality of Africans when they first landed in America, and on a deeper level to everyday’s estrangement of black and brown people.
Alie(nation) is a sonic fiction that continues Drexciya’s myth of the Middle Passage but tells the story of the people who survived it – explored through ambient soundscapes woven with harsh sound design, field recordings, modified voices and noise.
Ultimately, this is a narrative that is ever-evolving, and aims to connect to people that are bothered.

Generation – 5min
(ShowStudio, Video Commission, 2022)

The artist Nexcyia, also known as Adam Dove, interprets the theme of generation in a film which aims to tear down stereotypes of black and brown people, giving a voice to the unheard.

(Video, 7min47s, 2017)

1992, is tribute to the LA Riots I made a tribute because its 25 years today since it happened. I was inspired by Kahlil Joseph’s “good kid m.AA d city” (2016) split screen installation I saw at The Strand. The theme that I went for with this piece was to portray the severity of how communities can be destroyed – I slowed down the visuals because I wanted to emphasize the despair and I wanted to bridge the future and the past and reimagine the experience of these people and what they were going through. 

Barbican Centre, London
Live Performance – Supporting Caterina Barbieri (2022)

Nexcyia – Improvisations ft. Agathe Max and Charlotte Kaslin – Live (2021) – French Institute in London

Radio Mixes
(Recorded between 2019-2022)

Nexcyia @ Space 289