Texas 2005

This exploration into Afrossurealism started with Texas 2005 (2021) which naturally culminated into a series of videos such as Origin and Human (un_fold). The videos use the same footage capturing the notion of a multiverse – I spent the better part of the year composing and mixing the music while collecting archival family footage from my family in Texas and Los Angeles. I feel drawn to this archival footage not only because it’s my family, but because of the way it’s been recorded. This footage depicts the struggles within black households – there’s a sense of vulnerability in the visuals but also an underlying sense of community and resilience. These recordings take place in 2005 at my Aunt’s home in a small Texas town. There is footage of dilapidated houses in neglected black neighborhoods that have not changed very much in the last century. The racial divides and disparities are as steadfast as the attitudes. Muti-generational trauma, like expectations of privilege are difficult to shift.