Adam Dove otherwise known as Nexcyia is an African-American/French sound artist and experimental ambient musician based in London and Paris. Working with found sound, Nexcyia weaves together harsh sound design and swooping soundscapes into works that bridge many moods, emotions and places through noise, granular synthesis, textures and rhythms.

Adam Dove is also a fine artist and researcher holding an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the Royal College of Art and a BA in Sound Arts from University of the Arts London.

His fine art practice focuses on the notions of alienation and otherness in the African-American experience and explores this through sculpture, installation, painting, sound and moving image.

Past exhibitions/Shows:

24.08.21 Cafe OTO: aircode and Ewa Awe & Kyyberwall
06.07.21 Institut Francais du Royaum-Uni w/ Agathe Max + Charlotte Kaslin
02.07.21 VIRTUALLY REALITY – Lonely Room in My Head
07/2021- Cromwell Place: MA Contemporary Art Practice
07/2021 RCA2021 – Online Exhibition
19.06.21 Most Dismal Swamp at Corsica Studios London
18.05.20 Instagram South Kiosk Takeover
09.05.20 XOLO x Threads*Takeovers
04.05.20 ICA x 302_Redirect – 1992 (audio-visual)
03.04.20 Cherche Encore 7 : Spring [Online]
10.02.20 SET – Ambient Rituals: aircode, mu tate, Racine
31.01.20 Dyson Gallery: W.I.P Show – Royal College of Art
12.12.19 Bussey Building: Anti-Prom
13.12.19 Gaze to the UNKNOWN at Mimosa house
13.12.19 Fallacy video and sound installation- with Sara Serroit
23.06.19 CSM Show Two: Design – “La Nostalgie du Futur”
20.06.18 LCC Show INTER(FEAR)ENCE sound installation
17/06/17 CCW Show: Wriggle Launch with Laurie Knowland

Past Radio:

2.08.21 Balamii Radio: Nexcyia
05.07.21 Balamii Radio: Nexcyia
10.05.21 Internet Public Radio: Variations (KMRU) – Nexcyia
29.03.21 Noods Radio: OOH-soubds w/Nexcyia
06.01.21 Eye Measure: w/Nexcyia – 1020.Live
27.10.20 NTS: Alien Jams
04.08.20 Noods: Edited Arts Guestmix
01.08.20 NTS: Mutualism
27.04.20 Montez Press Radio 302_Redirect
19.04.20 @collectionliberee MEMETIC XV – Nexcyia @n10-as
30.01.20 @radiosygma GUEST 95 Adam Dove: World Surface Tension
22.10.19 @threadsradio – International Winners w/Adam Dove(NYC,USA)
20.09.19 Internet Public Radio – Adam Dove (Guadalajara, Mexico)
10.09.19 Radio Sygma – GUESTS 82 Adam Dove (Moscow, Russia)
29.08.19 BAS.PODCAST050 – Adam Dove (Warsaw, Poland)
31.05.18 Clear Spot – Resonance FM (LND, UK)
18.11.18 Beats + Chill 77 part 2 (ATL, USA)
27.05.18 Balamii Radio (LND, UK)

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